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Creative Uses for the new Bread and Butter Pickled Garlic Scapes!

  • Enjoy eating Bread and Butter Pickled Garlic Scapes right from the jar.  Great taste of garlic with the sweetness and crunchiness of a bread and butter pickle. 

  • Prepare as a delicious relish for all your summer time grilled burgers. 

Creative Uses for Luke’s Pickled Garlic Scapes

  • A new twist to a very tasty and popular appetizer! Jill of Seneca Falls, NY takes thin sliced salami and adds a bit of cream cheese w/pineapple and then wraps the Habanero Garlic Scape within. This combination is a contrast of sweet and hot – a favorite at every party!

  • After I finish my jar of Habanero scapes I refill the jar with young tender leeks. The flavor is out of this world!

  • Chop and add to your favorite Deviled Egg, Tuna Salad or Potato Salad Recipe.

  • Combine with cheeses, olives, pickles and vegetables on an antipasto tray.

  • Blend chopped scapes with mayo for a great tasting seafood tarter sauce.

  • Substitute Pickled Garlic Scapes as a Garnish for your Bloody Mary or Martini.

  • Add diced Pickled Garlic Scapes to Mashed or Smashed Potatoes.

  • Add Pickled Garlic Scapes to any hamburg, hoggie, hot dog, sandwich or sub.

  • Add as a topping to your favorite lettuce salad for a taste treat.

  • Blend chopped scapes and sour cream for a delicious spread.

  • Use the brine in a marinade or add to your special salad dressing for a unique taste.

Creative Uses for Luke’s #9 Garlic Scape Pesto w/Jalapeno

  • Kathy of Clifton, NY uses crescent roll dough, spreads with pesto, rolls and then bakes them.  They are a hit at every party and very easy to make. 

  • Tastes great when spread on freshly grilled steaks and salmon.

  • The head chef at The Cottage Hotel in Mendon, NY uses our garlic scape pesto for a topping on grouper and infuses pesto into hamburger for the daily specials.

  • Spread on hamburgers, hot dogs and Italian sausage, Salmon, Steaks, Chicken or Pork.

  • Spread butter, molasses and pesto on baguette bread and toast to a golden brown. Adds a sweet taste to the heat of the pesto.

  • The perfect addition to an appetizer tray w/ crackers and snack sticks.

  • Great on crackers or small, thin sliced bread. Mix 6oz reduced fat Feta cheese with 3 TBL Luke’s garlic pesto and 3 TBL olive oil. Break up feta cheese with a fork to a small crumbly size, mix pesto in well then olive oil.

  • Eggplant Canapés: White Eggplant slices, Luke’s #9, goat cheese, corn meal and fry in Extra virgin olive oil.

  • Use as a topping for pizza, bruschetta, hors d'oeuvres and tortillas.

  • Add pesto with extra virgin olive oil to pasta – it will soon become a favorite!

  • Blend with spaghetti sauce to add “zest”.

  • Mix w/ softened cream cheese and mayo to create a tasty dip for pretzels, crackers and vegetables.

Many more uses that only you can imagine!

Please submit your favorite recipe or use family of fine pickled garlic scape products to feature on our website or Garlic Scape Pesto with Jalopeno to feature on our website. Click here to send your submission.
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