• "I purchased some of your products in Penn Yann, NY over the summer and I would love to get some refills. You have great stuff!"
    Ann at Fox Run

  • "We sampled your Pickled Habanero Scapes at the Fox Run Garlic Festival - awesome product!"
    Mary from the Fox Run Garlic Festival 2009

  • At a recent gig in Rochester, NY Bat McGrath, the artist and songwriter from Nashville, tasted the pesto and remarked .. "My God this is good! I can’t wait for my wife to taste this – she’ll love it!"
    Bat McGrath

  • "Nobody in California knows of them {pickled garlic scapes}. I’m excited to try them." (And then after tasting them he said) "The last 4 jars I got lasted about 20 minutes at work. I will have to hide these."
    Wes Mayfield of Colfax, CA

  • "You are one of only a handful of people selling pickled scapes. Yours look delicious. I can't wait to taste them."
    Raven Crowl of Chickasha, OK

  • “It is some really GOOD stuff ...”
    Amanda from Texas

  • “The Dill Scapes got me through my pregnancy!”
    Tracey at the HVGF 2008

  • “ I love these things, the spicier the better!”
    Judy at HVGF 2008

  • “I put the sample garlic scape products out for the public to sample last Saturday with a note for feedback. The vote was 23 to 2 in favor of them!” Hunt Country Vineyards

  • “I was at the HVGF Garlic Festival and purchased a jar of Luke's #9 Garlic Scape Pesto with Jalapeno. I wish I had bought a case of it!!! I love it!”

  • " At this year's festivies we purchased Luke's # 9 Garlic Scape Pesto which my boyfriend thoroughly enjoyed.” This was our third year attending the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival.

  • "Hi, Luke. I sure would love another 2 jars of that "Luke's #9 Garlic Scape Pesto w/Jalapeno"
    Susan Massi – repeat customer

  • " I purchased some of your products in Penn Yann, NY over the summer and
    I would love to get some refills. You have great stuff!"
    Ann at Fox Run

  • "... full bodied taste, distinctive flavor, not too tame ... man she kept going back for more - i think she loved the pesto especially... this stuff has got to be good for you …."
    Marjorie on friend’s reaction to sampling

  • "I thought the garlic pesto tasted meaty and full-bodied and the comments by the chef were ... "pungent and lightly fiery hmmm what is it? ... Full bodied taste, distinctive flavor, not too tame."
    Marjorie reporting on Chef comments

  • " I have already gone through 1.5 jars. The family liked the scapes and I added some cut up to a shrimp Creole recipe that I threw together for dinner tonight. … I could use that fifth jar!"
    Howard from HVGF

  • Hello Bob,
    I spoke with someone at your booth on Sunday at the Saugerties garlic festival about possibly carrying your garlic scapes in my store which is located in Albany NY. I want to congratulate you on having the best tasting scapes at the festival. The person I was with, who was voted to be one of the top 10 chefs in Massachusetts agrees. I hope we can work something out that is mutually beneficial for both of us. My store specializes in local “slow food” when available. It would be a pleasure to add your product to our shelves
    Stephanie Pelham Eats Gourmet Marketplace

  • An excerpt from the email sent by Kelly w/ regards to the Chile Pepper article
    "We met briefly at the garlic festival this past fall. I am writing a feature article on garlic festivals for the May/June issue of Chile Pepper magazine. I sampled your pickled garlic scapes and would like to include it in a sidebar of festival highlights"
    Kelly Klingman

  • “I have been trying to make my diet healthier and Luke’s Pickled Garlic Scapes have been a great help. I don’t reach for a chip – I reach for a scape! Their zesty flavor and crisp texture satisfy my need for a flavorful “crunch” – and they’re guilt free.”
    Submitted by a customer

  • “My family loves deviled eggs (we use fat-free mayo or plain yogurt) and instead of relish – we chop and add Lukes Pickled Garlic Scapes. They’re a great update to an old favorite.”
    Submitted by a customer

  • "I think that the pickled scapes would make wonderful garnishes on those fancy novelle dishes - you know the ones that have the dribble of reduced balsamic vinegar on the plate?? 3 little scapes across the top with a criss cross of red pepper would look lovely."
    M. Milliken

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